Pseudo alloy strips

Pseudo alloys make it possible to manufacture items with unique consumer properties, having a number of valuable characteristics: damping capacity, wearing capacity, self-lubricating capacity in friction (low friction coefficient), heat resistance, etc. These are manufactured by powder metallurgy methods  from pseudo alloys on the basis of copper and alloy additions of tungsten, molybdenum and other metals for different items of electronic engineering,  for constituent body parts of semiconductor devices inclusive.

ID Codes (as per State Standard RF) Name of material Designation
МД30, МД40, МД50 alloy of molybdenum with copper for manufacture of items with increased thermal conductance;
for jointing with alumina and beryllium ceramics 
ВД30 alloy of tungsten with copper

Technical features of the strips:
thickness from 0,4 to 4 mm 
width not more than 100 mm 
linear thermal expansion coefficient not above 7,5x10-6 1/degree 
λ not less than 0,5λCu