Multilayered clad metal bands

Multilayered clad metal band consists of two or more layers of dissimilar metals bonded together by cold rolling. Bimetallic band combines qualities of the base metal and that of the cladding which makes it possible to create qualities unattainable by monometallic material as well as to make this band cheaper. Multilayered clad metal bands are made from different metals and alloys up to 200 mm wide.  The bands are manufactured by cold clad rolling using rolling-mill machinery.
Band basic dimensions:
            width, thickness,
h0 , h       cladding thickness,
h             cladding strip thickness,
a, b           width from the band edge to
               the cladding strip,                                                             
              cladding strip width

Nomenclature of clad bands:
ID Code as per State Standard RF Material Name Cladding Layer Name Designation 
1   42(FeNi)-copper-42(FeNi) with golden strip gold  
 29(kovar)-copper-29(kovar) with golden strip gold precision machinery industry
electronic engineering
integrated microcircuits
3  42(FeNi) with golden strip gold
4    copper with silver strip silver
5 bronze with silver strip silver
6  brass with silver strip silver
7 42(FeNi) with silver strip silver
8 silver-42(FeNi)-silver silver
9 nickel-42(FeNi)-nickelwith silver strip silver
10 German silver with silver strip silver
11 bronze with aluminum strip aluminum
12  chromium copper with aluminum strip aluminum
13 iron with aluminum strip aluminum
14 brass with aluminum strip aluminum
15 42(FeNi) with aluminum strip aluminum
16 nickel with aluminum strip aluminum
17 German silver with aluminum strip aluminum
18 copper-iron-copper 
with aluminum strip
19 nickel-42(FeNi)-nickel
with aluminum strip
20 42()--42()
with aluminum strip
21 aluminum-iron-aluminum aluminum automotive industry
22 aluminum-nickel aluminum electrovacuum appliances
23 bronze-iron-bronze bronze electronic engineering
24 29(kovar)-copper copper glass-to-metal bodies
25 brass-iron-brass brass precision machinery industry
electronic engineering
26 copper-iron-copper copper
27 copper-iron-nickel copper, nickel chemical current sources
28 copper-iron-aluminum aluminum, copper manufacture of structural elements
29 bronze-nickel nickel chemical current sources
30 copper-42(FeNi) copper  
31 copper-42(FeNi)-copper copper electronic engineering
32 nickel-42(FeNi)-nickel nickel
33 nickel-brass-nickel brass
34 nickel-iron-nickel nickel
35 42(FeNi)-copper-42(FeNi) 42(FeNi)
36 29(kovar)-copper-29(kovar) 29(kovar)
37 42(FeNi)-iron-42(FeNi) 42(FeNi)
38 -aluminum aluminum electrovacuum appliances
39 copper-aluminum aluminum electronic engineering